Suppose you wrote a blog and nobody came…

Who really knows what factors really precipitate an action or decision?  What moves us from thinking “someday” or “maybe” to taking that first small step?  So I cannot explain why yesterday, after considering writing a blog for sometime, I took the leap.  I was not looking for an audience, because it is not currently my intention to “get the word out”.  If by happenstance someone stumbles in and reads what I have to say and takes the time to comment I will appreciate hearing their opinions, but at this point WordPress is simply offering me a platform to journal on topics that are close to my heart.  It offers me the opportunity to put into words the many facets of poetry that continue to intrigue me.  And I know that other interests and passions will creep in as well over time, because although poetry is a large part of my life there are many other loves as well.

I think that one of the first things that I am mulling over is why currently poetry seems to be so out of fashion.  I can remember well when magazines and newspapers routinely published poets, both well-known and local.  In high school I was required to memorize poetry every day.  Within a generation poetry has become a select and specialized field.  Someone once suggested that if you don’t believe this, you should ask a group of people to name 5 living sports figures, television celebrities or politicians…now ask them to name 5 living poets. It will be a surprise (unless you are in a group of poets) if they are not stumped. How and why did this happen?  What have we lost and will there be a resurgence? – a topic for tomorrow!


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